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The Quiller Memorandum
United Kingdom 1966
Directed by Michael Anderson
Running time 105 minutes

1.5 stars

This British spy drama has all the hallmarks of Zeitgeist cool - from stovepipe pants to a red softtop Porsche - and despite a Harold Pinter screenplay is only one step up from an Elvis Presley movie. George Segal, in the Elvis part and with very obvious eye make-up, is hot on the trail of a coven of Nazi-revivalists led by Max von Sydow with an equally obvious toupé. Alec Guiness plays a supericilious MI5 type and there are any number of stereotypical characters from both sides of the camp. May find an audience with 60s style aficionados, Anglophiles and/or Nazi-movie buffs but that's about it. BH



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