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Australia 1979
Directed by John D. Lamond
Running time 90 minutes
Rated R
2 stars

John D. Lamond demonstrated the truth of the “sex sells” dictum with Australia After Dark (1975) and The ABC OF Love And Sex (1978). Felicity is a full-frontal assault on the premise, being a confection of soft-core girl-on-girl and boy-on-girl and girl-on-boy coupling stitched together by a perfunctory storyline and padded out with banal dialogue and generic travelogue footage as young and randy Felicity (Glory Annen) leaves an exclusive girls' boarding school for a holiday in Hong Kong where she gets to indulge all her sexual fantasies. Neither pornographic nor dramatically engaging with a lacklustre cast whose probable only requirement was to be willing to roll around naked there’s not a whole lot to recommend Felicity other than as a memento of what was considered as “liberated” sexual attitudes at the time. BH

BTW: An uncredited Lamond appears as the school gardener in a performance that probably can be taken as indicative of the level of inspiration involved in the production.

DVD Extras: Audio commentary with Lamond and Annen; Confessions of an R-Rated Movie Maker – an interview with the director; Stills and poster gallery; Original Theatrical Trailer.

Available from: Umbrella Entertainment



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