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Australia 2002
Directed by
Richard Franklin
90 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Sharon Hurst
2.5 stars


A major strength of Richard Franklin's film is Radha Mitchell’s performance. She successfully portrays the fear, anxiety, and courage of her character, not to mention looking great in a bikini! Another strength is the recreation of life within the confined spaces of a yacht, all simulated on a specially constructed set. The fogbound isolation and the creaking of the deck gives us an endless creepy sense of the menace to come. When especially nasty pirates attempt to board the yacht, and Mother starts making regular surprise visits with electrified looking hair and razor blades, the film starts to take a overly melodramatic turn and begins to lose credibility and the too-neat ending just adds to the silliness. SH

DVD Extras: Cast and crew interviews and bigraphies; deleted scenes; storyboards; theatrical trailer; photo gallery.

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