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USA 1972
Directed by Bob Fosse
Running time 128 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4.5 stars

Although not as able to shock as when originally released, this adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, based on John van Druten's play, I Am A Camera, which was filmed in 1955 (and of which one unimpressed critic famously quipped "Me no Leica"), itself based on the Christopher Isherwood novel Goodbye To Berlin is still one of the best (and most paradigmatic) films of the 1970s - excellent camera work, choreography and performances (Oscar winners Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli are outstanding) and of course, great songs by Fred Ebbs and John Kander. It would have to be on the short lists of most musical buffs. It is also probably the only role where Michael York's woodeness stood him in good stead.



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