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The Hairdresser's Husband
aka - Mari De La Coiffeuse, Le
France 1992
Directed by Patrice Leconte
Running time 84 minutes
Rated MA
2.5 stars

A considerable slice of French cinema is given over male-oriented sexual fantazising and writer/director Leconte’s film about a man, Antoine (Jean Rochefort) who marries a beautiful young hairdresser, Mathilde (Anna Galiena) is a typical enough example of this. Some, probably mostly women, will find the pairing of the grizzled Rochefort with the much younger Galiena offensive, not to mention Leconte’s fantazising which leaves the pair doing little other for 10 years than tastefully making love within the confines of Mathilde’s salon. Still, as an example of this kind of thing it is well-crafted, economically brief and largely thanks to Galiena’s winsome charm, probably mostly for men, a pleasant enough diversion from the real world. BH



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