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Are You Ready For This?
Australia 2009
Directed by N/A
Running time 105 minutes
Rated MA

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4 stars

I first heard of Tim Minchin via Rhian Skirving’s 2008 documentary Rock N Roll Nerd. a quite candid look at the trials and tribulations of an up-and-coming comedian on the cusp of fame and fortune. Minchin came across as very talented but somewhat fragile – a man who wore his heart rather too precariously on his sleeve.  Move on a couple of years and Are You Ready For This? – a concert film of his performance at Sydney’s Enmore theatre  - confirms all this and more.

Minchin is now a headlining performer with a stage show that reflects his not-quite-requited desire to be a rock star. His show is intense, a mix of Tom Lehrer-like caustically-witty songs, and Lenny Bruce-like diatribes peppered with more conventional  stand-up comedy. If the latter is the weakest part, falling back on typical-enough stories about his personal life to generate laughter, his songs (including a 9 minute “Beat” poem) are outstanding. The only worry is Minchin himself. Where most comedians hide behind a wall of supercilious banter, Minchin seems to thin-skinned, too angry at the world and his lot to be a good bet for long-term survival in such a psychically-demanding field. “Comedy” is not the right word to describe what Tim Minchin does – its more like public self-enquiry. Brilliantly risky business. 

DVD Extras: A nicely presented 28 page insert songbook with complete lyrics from the show


Available from: Madman



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