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Bagdad Cafe
Germany / USA 1987
Directed by Percy Adlon
Running time 95 minutes
Rated PG
4.5 stars

A gem of a film that is distinguished by a simple but inventive and humorous script by Adlon with his wife, Eleonore, quirky characters, exuberant cinematography by Bernd Heinl, evocative music by Bob Telson and with a memorable out-of-retirement performance for Jack Palance. From the opening scene Adlon skilfully unfurls the story of the unlikely friendship between Jasmin (Marianne Sagebrecht) a holidaying German hausfrau stranded somewhere in the Mojave Desert after an argument with her slob of a husband and Brenda, who runs a two-bit gas station and motel and struggles to keep her work-shy family on the job. In this role CCH Pounder is unforgettable. A feelgood movie without the sentimentality, it was a huge popular success and remains a consistently rewarding film. BH

DVD Extras: New digitized version; a drector's commentary in German; filmographies; trailer and photo gallery.

Available from: Umbrella Entertainment



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