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aka - Fille Sur La Pont, La
France 1999
Directed by
Patrice Leconte
90 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1 stars

The Girl On The Bridge

An inbred descendant of 1980s' "cinema du look" films such as Subway, and Diva, to say that Leconte's film is a case of style over substance is an understatement, noting that coming so late in the day,"style" means "in the manner of" rather than suggesting anything significantly distinctive.  .

Vanessa Paradis, in a role that a decade or so ago would have gone to Natassia Kinski, plays a wistful nymphomaniac to Daniel Auteuil's enigmatic knife thrower as they run through yet another variant on the doomed-romance-on-the-margins theme. Some of the scenes, such as the Paradis-makeover/shopping trip to the accompaniment of a neo-swing number, or Paradis simulating sexual ectasy whilst Auteuil throws knives at her and Marianne Faithful croaks in the background are stunning in their bathetic awfulness but this film is so bad overall it raises the question of whether Leconte is parodying the style or has completely lost himself in Gallic hall of mirrors.




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