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USA 1952
Directed by
George Cukor
95 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
2 stars

Pat And Mike

Katharine Hepburn is Pat, an all-round sportswoman and Spencer Tracy is Mike, a likeable but dodgy sports promoter, who becomes her manager as in typical spiky style from unpromising begginings the pair spar their way to true love and happiness

The film is a genial but uninspired cashing-in on Hepburn's and Tracy's success in Adam's Rib (1949), also directed by Cukor and likewise written by husband and wife team, Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin. Like that film the theme is gender roles but the treatment here is so woolly that it's hard to tell whether it's simply dated badly or was intended as a self-parody.

FYI: Trivia buffs will note that one of the minor players, Charles Buchinski, would later become Charles Bronson whilst Chuck Connors makes his screen debut as a highway patrolman.




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