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USA 1968
Directed by
Peter Yates
113 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4 stars


Deservedly recognized as classic of 60s style Bullitt also provides one of Steve McQueen's iconic roles. Although it does not live up to its wonderful opening titles it is a taut police (sub-genre: protective custody) action/drama. Today however it is best remembered for its roller-coaster car chase up and down the streets of San Francisco (McQueen did his own driving). Frank Keller won an Oscar for editing, a role which is crucial to the pace and economy of the film.

English-born director Peter Yates had an eclectic career which stretched from the very American underwater adventure film The  Deep (1977) to very English thespian drama The Dresser (1983). Robert Duvall has a small role as a cabbie, Robert Vaughan plays an ambitious politician whilst a largely extraneous Jacqueline Bisset has little to do other than offer a decorative touch to proceedings.




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