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Australia 2003
Directed by
Nick Giannopolous
89 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
2 stars

The Wannabes

It is ironic that after the huge commercial success of the terminally predictable The Wog Boy (2000) that co-writer NIck Giannapolous’s second big screen comedy (and his first as a director) should have died a quick and quiet death in the theatres. Not that it is a good film but at least it has a novel premise and enough silly sight gags to be intermittently diverting.

The difference is that whereas in The Wog Boy Giannapolous tailored his comedy to an audience of fellow "wogs" The Wannabes is less specifically ethnic and much more in the tradition of the witless Ocker comedy. The unreservedly absurd story (written by Giannopolous and his co-writer on The Wog Boy Chris Anastassiades together with Ray Boseley) about three villains intent on a jewellery heist who hire a low rent dance teacher (played by Giannapolous), to turn them into a Wiggles-style kiddies’ group is freighted with juvenile crudities and it is little surprise, even somewhat heartening (from an observer's point of view), that it did not find an audience




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