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aka - Blood of Heroes, The
USA/Australia 1989
Directed by
David Peoples
104 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1 stars

Salute Of The Jugger

David Webb Peoples has some impressive achievements on his CV as a writer including Unforgiven, Blade Runner and 12 Monkeys. Whilst this film, which he not only wrote but directed is consistent with his inclination for the action/sci-fi genres it is not even remotely in the same league as those films.

Looking like a spin-off from Mad Max (Hugh Keays-Byrne appears here a Lord Vile) it is set in a barren post-apocalypse world  (Outback Australia in reality) and follows the adventures of a motley crew of “juggers” led by Rutger Hauer, who tramp around scratching a living competing in an brutal game that looks like a cross between hockey, pro wrestling and rugby ...only with dogs' skulls.

There are no characters of any interest, no plot to speak of, no drama or tension and even at the level of visual diversion, unless you happen to like to watch people pummelling each other, the film fails. Given that this is far from an altogether shabby production it seems as if the parts that would have given it meaning have been left out, for the point of the narrative is not apparent. The fact that a good portion of it is set at night only adds to the obscurity. It was released in the US in a 90 minute version as The Blood of Heroes.

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