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Australia 1972
Directed by
Terry Bourke
52 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1 stars

Night Of Fear

Originally planned as the first episode of a 12-part Australian Broadcasting Corporation horror series entitled "Fright" (which title appears in the opening credits) Terry Bourke's Night of Fear was, unsurprisingly, banned by the censors on the grounds of "indecency and obscenity" (indicative of the change in standards whereas it was eventually released with an R rating, in 2005 it was re-classified as M).

With virtually no dialogue, for those with an appetite for such things it probably constitutes a film of some interest for its relatively early date having been made two years before Tobe Hooper's genre classic, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and as an unusual entry in the Australian exploitation film catalogue. For the rest of us it will qualify as an unequivocal example of the pornography of violence with the standard slasher scenario of a scantily-clad femme (Carla Hoogeveen) being terrorised by a deranged yokel (Norman Yemm) with a fondness for rape and rats.




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