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United Kingdom 1971
Directed by
65 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
4 stars

The Rolling Stones From The Vault The Marquee Live In 1971

The Rolling Stones From The Vault: The Marquee – Live In 1971 is being promoted as a rare live gig by The Rolling Stones. This is somewhat misleading.  It is a live performance at London’s iconic Marquee Club where the band got their first big break in the mid ‘60s but it is a made-for -television show filmed in front of a small and rather subdued invited audience.

What is not in dispute is that it shows the band at the height of their abilities as the Greatest Rock N’ Roll Band in the World with Mick Jagger giving us the kind of semi-naked androgynous stage presence that would inspire performers like Iggy Pop and Steve Tyler, Keith Richards hewing the Stones’ distinctive sound from his guitar and Mick Taylor lending it some much needed sweetness while Bobby Keys and Jim Price add a new Stax-style quality.

Filmed a month before the release of the Sticky Fingers album and the Stones collectively moved to France to avoid draconian British tax laws the show  performances  of album tracks, “Brown Sugar”, “Dead Flowers”, “Bitch” and “I Got The Blues”, the latter featuring a impressive vocal interpretation by Jagger. The stand-out track however is “Midnight Rambler”, already one of the Stone’s most theatrical songs, but here given an expressive workout by Jagger and Richards. This leads onto a messy version of “Satisfaction” before the show closes strongly with “Bitch” and “Brown Sugar”.

Bonus tracks include alternative takes of “I Got The Blues” and “Bitch” as well as an amusing 1971 appearance of the band on Top Of The Pops for a version of “Brown Sugar”, with Jagger prancing about in a pink satin suit and multi-coloured jockey’s cap

The Rolling Stones From The Vault: The Marquee – Live In 1971 is el primo Stones and no fan of the band will want to be without a copy.




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