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USA 1991
Directed by
Michael Lehmann
95 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
0 stars

Hudson Hawk

Bruce Willis plays a notorious cat-burglar, Hudson Hawk, the titular “hero” who has been blackmailed into robbing the Vatican by some mysterious CIA operative (James Coburn). That is as much as you need to know about the plot of this witless would-be comedy action film which is enacted by a tip-top cast all of whom must be counting the film as a career low-point 

An embarrassment for all involved and regularly cited in lists of Hollywood's all-time duds, Hudson Hawk was probably conceived as an absurdist black comedy. Falling desperately short of the mark, it is instead a crude and deeply inane film that, despite, or perhaps because of, a sizeable budget, is completely defective in every department.

Willis, who is credited as co-originator of the story and author of the title song presumably saw this as testament to his talent and is no doubt a poorer, and hopefully, a wiser, man.




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