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Australia 2005
Directed by
Tony Krawitz
52 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3 stars


Writer-director Tony Krawitz’s film about a youngish Orthodox Jewish male, Yuri (Ewen Leslie) returned to Sydney on occasion of the death of his father from Israel where he was studying to be a rabbi and rebelling against his lot in life needed to be a full length feature to work properly as both culturally and dramatically there is much left to explore that does not see the light of day. Thus, we get glimpses of life in his strict Hasidic community but no more and both his relationship with his girlfriend (Saskia Burmeister) and a girl (Leah Vandenberg) he meets whilst driving taxis, are given fairly short shrift. What we do see is well-handled albeit not particularly original and with so much potential it is a mystery why the film was not developed further.




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