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USA 1991
Directed by
Jim Jarmusch
122 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
3.5 stars

Night On Earth

Portmanteau films tend not to work but Jim Jarmusch's film, which he also wrote, benefits from the consistent theme of taxi drivers on the job across its five independent stories and a consistent directorial sensibility, whilst the strong cast, Fred Elmes' wonderful night photography and Tom Waits' music all add to the happy mix.

The opening story with Gena Rowlands and Winona Ryder kicks off the game well, the New York and Paris sequences have their moments although tending to be a little thin, before the high-point is reached with the Rome sequence and Robert Begnini's wonderfully over-the-top performance (it's hard to believe that Jarmusch scripted more than the broad strokes of his rapid-fire soliloquy) before closing with what must be a nod to the Finnish master of deadpan, Aki Kaurismaki.

Although not one for audiences looking for a sustained story Night on Earth is perfect for anyone looking for brief distraction.

FYI: Jarmusch returned to the episodic format with Coffee and Cigarettes (2004) 





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