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USA 1974/5
Directed by
Doris Wishman
75/73 minutes
Rated R

Reviewed by
David Michael Brown
1 stars

Double Agent 73 / Deadly Weapons

Synopses: In Double Agent 73, Jane (Chesty Morgan) a special agent is assigned to bust a heroine ring. Using her breast implanted camera she sets out to discover who the drug lord is, all the while hoping that she doesn't have to use her secret weapon (the camera hidden in her body is also a bomb!). In Deadly Weapons Crystal (Chesty Morgan), is a successful advertising executive who is after the men who killed the man of her life. She kills her victims by smothering them in her ample bosom.

There is possibly no one stranger in the world of cult cinema than Doris Wishman. Russ Meyer, Hershell Gordon Lewis and David Friedman were men's men who walked the walk and talked the talk. Wishman on the other hand was a sweet (well so the legend goes) old lady who happened to make sexploitation films.

From Nude on the Moon to The Amazing Transplant her films were ineptly directed, poorly acted and as for plot, just forget it! But they did include one thing that kept them coming to the drive-in's and 42nd Street haunts - lashings of naked flesh. Wishman was a female Ed Wood, but with one secret weapon, the gargantuanly-proportioned Chesty Morgan.

Double Agent 73 and Deadly Weapons were Wishman's most famous films entirely due to the talents of the aforementioned Morgan and her 73-inch bust. What she lacked in acting talent she more than made up for with cleavage. However she also managed to be a truly dreadful actress and lacked any presence on screen whatsoever and smothering her enemies or using her hidden breast implanted camera to snap secret files all are plot devices to disrobe Chesty as soon as possible - the only justification for her bing on screen at all.

Loved by a few and laughed at by most, the films are both almost unwatchable on every level. Even the most die-hard breast fan will get bored very quickly. John Waters included clips in his film Serial Mom but, once again, Double Agent 73 and Deadly Weapons both join the elite group of films that are far more interesting to read about than actually watch.




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