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American Screenwriters Association
A wealth of resources including script services.

American Zoetrope
Francis Ford Coppola’s site is largely devoted to own filmic (and gastronomic and oenophilic) projects but it also has a facility for submitting your screenplay.

British Film Institute
Heaps of resources and information about films and film-making.

Cannes You Dig It?
Cannes You Dig It? is a film and video festival held in Cannes, France during the International Film Market and Directors' Fortnight held annually there. We are dedicated to providing a global venue for young and innovative artists who we believe represent the future of media.

Chicago Reader
Jonathan Rosenbaum is one of the best known of American reviewers and this extensive site covering mainly Hollywood film has intelligent reviews of new and past releases.

Chinese Cinema Page, A
Shelley Kraicer's reviews of Hong Kong, Taiwanese & Chinese cinema.

Criticism is film's extra dimension according to Dan Schneider whose well-informed essays and reviews range across mainly European, classic and independent films.

Classic Hollywood
Comprehensive resource guide to Hollywood movies between 1939-69.

Cool Cat Daddy Productions
The home page for Randy A. Riddle, documentary filmmaker, devoted to topics dealing with Gay history and contemporary Gay culture, including expanded oral history interviews and articles. Assembled from materials gathered in research for completed documentaries and unfinished documentary works, the pages provide basic research materials and starting points for further inquiry.

Critic Doctor
"Where movie critics get a taste of their own medicine!" - A US site devoted to criticising the (mainly US) critics - all in good fun.






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