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Australia 2002
Directed by
Bill Bennett
97 minutes
Rated G

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
2.5 stars

The Nugget

This modest Aussie comedy, based on a John Steinbeck novella, The Pearl, by writer/director, Bennett, is reminiscent of something you'd see on the ABC at 6.30 pm in bygone years. In fact Eric Bana used to be in exactly such a show, Something In The Air, a kind of modernized version of the classic TV '60s series, Bellbird. And when Bana moved on to bigger post-Chopper things, his part was taken by Vince Colosimo, who also appears in this.

So we're talking true-blue Australiana here, very reminiscent of our early '70s film output - a typical regional town (Mudgee), three blue-collar mates, a cockatoo and an old bushie narrator (played by '70s film veteran, Max Cullen). Although the critics dumped on it for regurgitating stereotypes and it died a predictably dull death at the box-office it is a likeable albeit not even particularly funny little film that is arguably more credible than more sophisticated relatives like The Dish (2000).




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