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Australia 1998
Directed by
Catherine Millar
90 minutes
Rated PG

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1 stars

Mumbo Jumbo

Had this made-for-television movie about a reporter (Sandy Gore) who is befriended by the ghost of a legendary crime reporter  (Rhys Muldoon) who was killed in mysterious circumstances more than 40 years previously and who persuades her to help him uncover dastardly secrets about a wealthy recluse been made as a children's teleseries it would probably have been regarded as quite successful. The far-fetched story of derring-do with its simple opposition between plucky heroes and arch villains, the swooping camera movements, the melodramatic musical accompaniment are all familiar characteristics of the 5-6pm slot on ABC television.

But as this appears to be intended for an adult audience one can only question what Artist Services, the usually successful television production company behind it, were thinking. Or not. Perhaps had it been made with the dog-eared black humour of a film such as The Roly Poly Man it might have worked but as it is, it's one solely for the bed-ridden.




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