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Australia 1991
Directed by
Arch Nicholson
92 minutes
Rated M

Reviewed by
Bernard Hemingway
1.5 stars

Weekend With Kate

This romantic comedy is made with such diligence that one almost feels wrong to belittle it. Almost. Unfortunately it is impossible to ignore the pedestrian script, the mundane direction, the lack of acting ability, the kitsch synth-pop music and, overall, an almost bizarre lack of credibility.

Colin Friels plays a two-timing record promoter who takes an overseas rock star away with him on a weekend at his wife's country house. He's cheating on his wife (Sigrid Thornton look-alike, Catherine McClements), his wife is emotionally vulnerable and the rock star is a rock star, so the fun begins. Well it could have been fun but this is so dully written that bar the odd moment of slapstick there's not a titter to be had, whilst the romantic aspect follows an all-too-predictable course.

More damaging is the casting of a gangly 6'4" mullet-headed beanpole (Jerome Ehlers) with no ability to make the almost-ludicrous depiction of a rock star (who wears beige slacks and drinks Dom Perignon from a champagne flute) plausible. Friels' quintessential "you beaut" Aussie is somewhat tiresome but at least he invests his performance with an energy and conviction that is noticeably lacking in the rest of the cast members.

About the only redeemable aspect of the production is Dan Burstall's exterior photography which, with an overlay of Australian birdsong, makes Sydney's Northern beach area look wonderful.




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